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What Is an Adjustment?

Dr. Peter adjusting a patient's neckWhat makes chiropractic unique from all other health professions is the adjustment. Chiropractors treat subluxations which are subtle shifts or misalignments in the spine, or areas of the spine that are not moving fully. An adjustment is a low-force thrust directed at a specific region of the spine to restore proper alignment or motion. This force can be applied directly by the chiropractor’s hands, it can be applied with the help of a drop-piece on the table, or even a hand-held instrument.

Custom Care Plans

Dr. Tim and Dr. Peter will determine which technique is best for you and make recommendations based on your body type and other factors including your personal preference. The goal of the adjustment is to correct spinal subluxations which interfere with nerve signals travelling back and forth between your brain and your body through the spinal cord and the nerves that exit the spine.

The number of adjustments required to get you feeling better and optimize your spinal and nervous system function will depend on a number of factors including your age (how long the problem has been there), your occupation and other stressors in your life, as well as other lifestyle habits and behaviours such as your current state of physical fitness, eating habits, sleep, hydration and more.

After conducting a thorough physical examination which may include spinal x-rays, Dr. Tim and Dr. Peter will be able to create a customized care plan detailing exactly how many adjustments you will require to get your body functioning and healing at its best!

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