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Orthotics In Orillia

Running shoesCustom orthotics are insoles that are inserted into your shoe that are designed specifically for the shape of your foot. They are prepared by taking a foam cast impression of your foot while it is stabilized in a position of optimal alignment. The goal of a custom orthotic is to support your foot in a mechanically efficient position while you stand and while you walk. This will reduce and properly distribute the stresses being transmitted through your feet, knees, hips and spine.

Custom orthotics are helpful in alleviating foot, heel and ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunions, arthritic and diabetic foot pain and more.

Obtaining your custom made orthotics at ´╗┐Grace Family Chiropractic is a simple pain-free 2-step process. The first appointment involves an assessment and casting which takes roughly 15 minutes. Roughly two weeks after your initial appointment you will return for a 10-15 minute appointment where we dispense your orthotics and ensure they are a perfect fit for you!

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If you have insurance coverage be sure to check with your provider as many plans cover custom orthotics. Reach out to us today to see if custom orthotics can help you.

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