The Cold and Flu Vitamin Article of the week Jan 14 to 18, 2019

      Last week I had to do more “table wipe-downs” than I have in months. Many of you who got adjusted last week commented that you had    succumbed to a cold or flu over the holidays.  First of all, I want to commend you for coming in to get adjusted if you weren't feeling well. Adjustments stimulate immune system activity and many patients notice      that they recover from sickness faster when they get adjusted regularly!

            In this week's article of the week I want to discuss the recommendation that I made to many of these sick patients last week so that you can benefit from this information as well.  When people get sick they often turn to different remedies to try to shorten the duration of their suffering.  Chicken soup, vitamin C and echinacea are three of the most common things I hear people trying.

Did you know that vitamin D, specifically D3 has an even greater impact on the function of your immune system?  The reason that people get sick in the winter months here in our northern climate is because that is when we get the least sun exposure.  Your body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunshine.  With no skin exposure starting in the fall months, our vitamin D levels start to plummet making us vulnerable to getting sick.  It is estimated that 2/3 of Canadians are vitamin D deficient!

So how do you know if you are one of the many people who are vitamin D-deficient, and how do you remedy the problem?  The only way to know if you are vitamin D-deficient is to have your blood tested.  You can ask your doctor to check for it the next time you have blood work done.  This is such an important test that we also have test kits available in our office.  It involves pricking your finger and putting several drops of blood on a collection card which is then sent away to a lab for measurement.  For more information ask the girls at the front desk.

I strongly recommend that you have your vitamin D tested at this time of the year to get a baseline idea of how deficient you may be.  If you are not going to go to the trouble of having it tested, I would definitely recommend taking an oral supplement to reduce your risk of getting sick, and to recover faster if you are already sick.

How much you should take is determined by your body weight.  You should aim to take 35 I.U.'s (international units) for every pound of body weight.  Follow the recommendations below, taking the amount that corresponds most closely with your current body weight.

100 pounds            3500 IU per day                175 pounds            6000 IU per day

125 pounds           4500 IU per day                 200 pounds            7000 IU per day

150 pounds           5000 IU per day                 225 and over        8000 IU per day

Watch my short video that demonstrates how easy it is to promote optimal vitamin D levels and either reduce your chances of getting sick, or help you recover faster when you are feeling under the weather!  A good vitamin D3 supplement also needs to have vitamin K2 included.  We have this available here at the office in both a caplet form, as well as a liquid for your convenience. 

Dr. Tim


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