A Better Life Starts in Your Head Article of the week January 7 to 11, 2019

Last week I laid the foundation for how you can make positive changes to your life in 2019.  I want you to succeed and make progress this year with the things that matter to you!!  I talked about the importance of writing down your goals and then putting them in a place where you regularly will be able to see them, like a bulletin board, the refrigerator or the mirror over your bathroom vanity.  The purpose of posting your goals in a place where you will regularly see them is that it will force you to re-read them and continue to think about them long after the day that you wrote them down.

This week I want you to become conscious of what you are thinking about most of the time.  Many people spend their time worrying about the future and pre-occupied with the busyness of life.  This pattern will seldom move you in the direction of your dreams and help you achieve more of your life goals.

Any positive change in your life is far more likely to take shape if you take control of your thought life.  I regularly read the Bible and there is a verse in Romans 12:2 that says, “do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  The pattern of this world is to focus on problems.  We are inundated with negative messages in the news media such as global warming, corrupt political leaders, the crashing stock market, gun violence, natural disasters and health crises.  All of these things lead to more stress, more uncertainty, more worry and less productivity.

I want you to understand that to achieve your goals this year you will need to make changes to your actions.  Your motivation and actions are driven by the way that you feel.  The way that you feel is a product of the way you think.  To keep your thoughts focused on your goals, I recommend you not only place your written goals in a prominent place that you can regularly see them, but you may also need to unplug from current events or the negative people that don't support your efforts.

In summary, consistent and focused thinking leads to positive, motivated feelings which leads to consistent action which leads to achievement and attaining your goals which leads to a fuller more rewarding, impactful life!

That's all for this week.  Have you figured out what goal is your top priority to tackle this year?  If you haven't already taken the time to do so, write down your goals (even if they seem small), post them where they can be seen, prioritize which area of your life you would like to improve first and determine the first, simplest step that will move you in the direction of achieving that goal (remember my piano lesson example from last week's article).

Wishing the best for you this year!

Dr. Tim


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