Article Of The Week- Protecting What's Precious - March 18 - March 22 2018

Protecting What's Precious                             Article of the week March 18 to 22, 2018

     Last week I had a family of five present for chiropractic check ups in the office.  The week prior, mom had started care, and after attending our Wednesday evening new patient report, it made sense to them to get dad and the 3 children checked for subluxation.  I want to emphasize that these parents had not noticed any back pain or significant health issues in their 3 children, but simply chose to have their kids checked to promote wellness, prevention and an overall better quality of life and future for these kids.

All parents want the best for their kids and to set them up for success.  I've noticed over the years that parents are willing to go to greater lengths to ensure the health of their kids than they are to safeguard their own health future.  I see many parents taking their kids to the dentist or orthodontist to get their teeth attended to, to the optometrist to get their eyes checked, but very few of them aware of how it important it is to take their child to the chiropractor to get their spine and nervous system checked.

I remember the very first time I checked my two daughters in the delivery room after they were born.  The reason I did this is because I was taught in my studies that the birth process is extraordinarily stressful to a baby's spine and nerve system.  It's true that one of the most stressful things you have ever done in your life is to find your way out of the protective environment of your mother's body into our stressful world.  A medical doctor by the name of Gottfried Guttman found that, after analyzing 1000 infants, 80% of them had some form of nerve dysfunction. 

He reported that many common health conditions such as lowered immunity resulting in more ear and throat infections can be attributed to subluxation of the atlas - the first vertebrae in the neck. He also found that by using the light pressure of an adjustment, the clinical symptoms would subside.  (Frymann VM. Springall P. Effect of Osteopathic Medical Management on Neurologic Development in Children. JAOA. 1992;92:729.)  Did you know that 65% of the development of the neurological development of the brain and nervous system occur in the first year of life, which is why it is imperative that nothing is hindering the communication between the brain and the body?

Another study published in December 2017 found that kids who are under chiropractic care simply have a better quality of life.  The study found that they were less likely to report symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue and pain.  (I've attached the abstract on the back of this page if you're interested in seeing the research yourself).  I see so many kids today that are overwhelmed with the increasingly stressful environment in which we are raising our kids.  If you want to give your child every advantage possible in terms of their neurological development and their ability to thrive as they grow, periodic chiropractic adjustments need to be a part of your family's wellness strategy.

For those of you who have kids or grandkids, or know kids that you want to get checked, we are offering a free one-week only evaluation offer to kids who have appointments booked this week.  They don't need to get in this week, but the appointment needs to be booked to take advantage of this offer.  Remember, we will be closed next week for holiday.

Wishing you and your entire family optimal health,           Dr. Tim

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