Why Healthy Discs Matter

In this week's article I want to talk about spinal discs. Discs are cartilage-like structures that provide cushioning and act as spacers between the bones in your spine.


Many of the patients that I see in the office are aware that they have problems with their discs even before I see them. They have been told that they have thinning discs, degenerating discs, bulging discs or herniated discs.


All of these diagnoses simply mean that these patients have experienced damage to their discs. Disc damage can be the result of a big impact like a car accident but more often it is the result of small stresses over time. Many of the patients that I see who have disc damage on their x-ray have had no history of serious trauma but have just had years of poor posture and misalignment, also known as subluxation.


This drives home the point that most disc problems can be prevented if you look after your spine. Not all discs wear out equally. The ones that are under the most load or stress are the ones that break down the fastest. If you keep your spine properly aligned you will balance the stresses transmitted through your spine and drastically reduce the wear pattern.


The main reason this is so important is because disc damage will inevitably lead to pressure on the nerves or on the spinal cord. The more damage you have to your discs and spine the more pressure you will apply to the nerves that carry the vital messages from your brain to your whole body.


This is the reason why disc damage is not just a spine problem it is a whole body problem. Your whole body is compromised when you have spinal damage and nervous system compromise.


If you know somebody who is struggling with a disc problem I want to encourage you to share this article with them so they can get the help they need before their problem becomes uncorrectable.


Congratulations to all of you who are working hard to ensure your spine and discs stay healthy for a lifetime!


Dr. Tim


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