Avoiding Dangerous Chemicals Article of the week March 9 to 13, 2020

Over the weekend I read an article entitled, “Top 5 Tips to Avoid Dangerous Chemicals”.  I want to share this information with you because we live in a world where we are more exposed to environmental toxins than ever before, and they are having increasingly negative effects on our health.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDC's as they are known, are a particularly harmful class of environmental chemicals that wreak havoc on our hormonal systems.  These toxins can be found in food packaging, non-organic food, cosmetics, perfumes, pesticides, medicines, non-stick cookware and carpet or furniture material just to name a few.

Chronic exposure to these chemicals can lead to growth, neurological and learning disorders, diabetes, infertility, birth defects, heart disease, cancer and obesity.  Because they can lead to weight gain and obesity, these hormone disrupting chemicals are also referred to as obesogens.  These chemicals literally increase the number and size of fat cells in your body because this is where the toxins are stored.

The five tips that I read were the following.  If you want to read the article in it's entirety, I would recommend going to the following link on your computer:  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/02/26/how-to-avoid-edcs.aspx

Get rid of non-stick cookware containing PFA.  Most non-stick cookware contains this chemical.  Look for cast iron or stainless steel cookware, use glass rather than plastic to store your food and use reusable bags to bring food home from the grocery store

Flame retardant chemicals are used by manufacturers in mattresses, carpets, furniture and electronics. These chemicals can accumulate in household dust and interfere with your thyroid function.  Opening windows and using a wet mop to clean floors can reduce indoor air pollution in your home.

Eat organic foods when possible and avoid canned foods.  Organic foods are not genetically modified and don't contain pesticide chemicals.  Many cans used to package foods contain a chemical called bisphenol which disrupt your hormones and sabotage your health.  If you do eat canned foods read the label on the can and look for foods packaged in BPA-free cans.  Avoid using pesticides on your lawn.

Avoid using a microwave and avoid processed or package foods opting for whole foods.  Processed foods contain harmful ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and pesticides

5.  Avoid vinyl and plastic as much as possible.  For example, if you have a plastic shower curtain think about replacing it with a cloth on that can be machine washed.

Avoiding environmental toxins is more challenging today than ever before.  It is important to understand that these chemicals are one of the reason that diseases like cancer, diabetes and obesity are sky-rocketing in society today.  It is definitely worth the effort to take inventory of what chemicals you may be routinely exposed to in a typical day.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim


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