Better Healing, at Any Age! Article of the week February 10 to 14, 2020

I want to share some of the details of my weekend with you all.  On Friday morning I got together with two chiropractor friends of mine in Barrie so that we could train together and adjust each other.  Did you know that, just like you I get adjusted regularly?  There is no way that I could continue to do what I do as a chiropractor if I was not under the care of a good chiropractor.

On Saturday morning I drove to London to see my 20 year old daughter Madeleine.  She is a Kinesiology student at Western University and she has been struggling with an upper respiratory tract infection and I wanted to see her so I could adjust her.  Any of you who are parents understand that you will do anything for your kids. On Saturday I spent 3 hours in the car so I could adjust her and then turn around and spend another 3 hours driving home.  This may seem like a lot of effort to take to give one adjustment but I have been adjusting Maddie since she was an infant and I knew that her immune system would function better if I could adjust her.

I also want to share the results of a research study that just came out about a 9 week old infant who was struggling with acid reflux, congestion and poor sleep.  The baby had particular difficulty being placed in a car seat and became increasingly irritable in this positon.  A pediatrician had prescribed a medication called Zantac for the reflux but it wasn't helping.  You have heard me say before that medications rarely address the cause of a problem but instead deal with a symptom. 

Homeostasis is a term that refers to balance in the body.  When the body is in a state of homeostasis it knows exactly how much acid to make for the digestive tract to work optimally.  When it is out of balance it can cause too much or too little acid to be produced by the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract.

Interestingly, the way that the body stays in balance is through a healthy functioning nervous system.  When the tone of this infant's nervous system was restored through gentle adjustments, the digestive system assumed normal function and the pain from acid reflux disappeared.

If your body is still showing signs of being out of balance, don't give up.  It can take time for your nervous system to heal and recover when you have been under years of stress.

Remember, your nervous system controls every single organ and function in your entire body.  Your body can only heal through messages from the brain travelling through nerves to different parts of your body.  All healing happens from the inside out, no matter what age you are!

Have an awesome week!

Dr. Tim


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