How to Prevent Breakdown Article of the week June 3 to 7, 2019

in past articles I've written about the topic of arthritis.  The reason I want to focus on arthritis again is because it is a question that comes up on a weekly basis here in the office.  In the weekly reports provided here at the office, I emphasize the devastating effects subluxation can have on your health.  To review, subluxation refers to any part of your spine that is either out of alignment or restricted in movement. 

Subluxations are known to have two detrimental effects to your health.  First and foremost, they apply pressure or tension on the nervous system which results in interference in the communication between your brain and your body.  This consequence of subluxation is instantaneous, meaning it occurs the instant you are subluxated.  The second consequence is that your spine is vulnerable to premature breakdown when it is not properly aligned.  This breakdown is also known as osteoarthritis and it is a longer standing consequence of subluxation when left uncorrected.  The longer you are misaligned, the more damage will occur.

I want you to understand that there are many different kinds of arthritis but the most common type by far is osteoarthritis which is simply the wearing or degeneration of the cartilage that creates space between two bones.  As the cartilage wears and thins, the bones creep closer together and the edges of the bones can become irregular and bone spurs can also start to form.  Weight bearing joints including the knees, hips and spine are the most common joints where osteoarthritis will appear.

While other forms of arthritis can be caused by an autoimmune reaction (your body's own immune system attacking and damaging the cartilage), osteoarthritis is caused by mechanical stress. The 3 most common things related to the cause of osteoarthritis are being overweight, having a specific injury (car accident or sports injury that damaged a joint), or long-standing subluxation that puts chronic stress on a specific joint.

There are many different tools that I use to check your spine for subluxation.  Occasionally I will take x-rays to see if your spine is in better alignment.  We do periodic progress exams where we assess your range of motion and have you step on bilateral weight scales to see if your body is balanced.  When you lay on the table for your adjustment I will check your leg lengths and I will also palpate (feel) your spine to assess it's alignment and mobility.  Subluxation is an inevitability of the world that we live in.  There are multiple stresses every day that we are exposed to that challenge the integrity of our nervous systems and spines.  Perhaps the most ubiquitous stress is gravity itself.  It is a physical force that contributes to a slow break down of body tissues over time.  However, you can dramatically reduce the stress of gravity and prevent premature breakdown by continually ensuring that your body is optimally aligned.

The science is clear that looking after your spine is one of the most important things you can do to prevent premature breakdown and optimize the function of your nervous system.  This in turn will allow you to age gracefully and do the things that give you joy in the years to come!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim

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