Redefining Sickness Article of the week Mar 4-8/19

By my observation this winter has been a particularly bad one for sickness.  I can't recall a year where I've seen more people dealing with colds, flus, fevers, upper respiratory tract infections and general illness.  When you first started care in our office you were told that the brain, spinal cord and nervous system controls all functioning, healing and re-creation of new cells in the human body.  Healing encompasses the state and function of your immune system.  So theoretically, the better your nervous system works the less likely it will be that you succumb to the symptoms described above.

So does that guarantee that once you have started chiropractic care and you are getting adjusted regularly that you are never going to get sick again?  Wouldn't that be nice if it did!  There are obviously other factors that play a role in your immunity and how and when you get sick, and how quickly you recover.  With that being said, I have observed that people who get adjusted regularly often stay well when others around them get sick, and when chiropractic patients do get sick they seem to get a less virulent (severe) form of the illness and get better more quickly.

What I want you to consider this week is what it truly means to be sick.  In my opinion, sickness is when the body is not doing what it is supposed to do.  When we get the flu, for example, our noses run, we cough, we run a fever, we feel listless and lethargic and lose our appetites.  These are all appropriate responses to your body fighting off a viral infection.  Our noses run and we hack and cough so that we can excrete and expel the virus.  We run a fever to elevate our body temperature to make us an unpleasant host for the virus to take up long term residence.  We lose our appetite so that our digestion can be put on a temporary pause and we can shunt all of our energy and resources into mounting an aggressive immune response.  All of these “unpleasant” symptoms are signs that your body is doing exactly what nature intended so that you can heal and recover faster.  I want you to view the symptoms of sickness as a means to an end.  All of these symptoms are actually signs of perfect health – signs your body is recognizing and responding to the viral invasion appropriately.

It may not be pleasant, and you may not like it, but all of these symptoms are signs of health.  So the next time you feel your temperature going up and the tickle in your throat that is causing you to cough repeatedly, remember these are all signs and expressions of health, not sickness.  And just like any other part of the body, the immune system needs to be “exercised” to continue to function optimally.  Innate intelligence is the expression that describes the internal wisdom in your body that ensures your body responds appropriately to it's environment.  Remember that this intelligence manifests in your brain, spinal cord and nerve system.  Those who get adjusted are better positioned to adapt and respond appropriately to the constant changes of our external environment.

Best wishes for a healthy week!

Dr. Tim

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