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In my weekly Doctor's Report I discuss the 3 main purposes of the nervous system.  Your brain and spinal cord control all functioning, healing and re-creation or re-generation in your body.  Function means every part of your body has a purpose and it carries out its purpose by receiving information from your brain via your spinal cord and nerves.  Re-creation means your body is in a continual state of renewal with old or damaged cells being broken down, and new vibrant cells replacing the old ones.


In this article of the week I want to talk about the healing aspect of the nervous system.  Science recognizes that the human body is designed as a self-healing organism, and that the way our bodies heal themselves is through the brain, spinal cord and nerve system.  However, many people find our office because they have a deficit of healing and they are in a situation where their bodies are not healing on their own.

             By removing pressure from the spinal cord and nerve system, the body slowly  starts to recover it's ability to heal again.  For many, healing means less pain. It's true that reducing spinal cord and nerve pressure reduces symptoms like  pain or numbness and tingling.  However, healing is actually much more  complicated than just how you feel.  Healing means that your body's natural  state is wellness and the absence of sickness.  For some people it's a stretch to  understand and believe that your body should never get sick if your immune system is functioning properly.


Most people believe that the reason you get sick is because you have the misfortune of encountering someone who is sick and their germs gain access to your body.  In reality, your body is home to trillions of different bacteria that line your respiratory airways and your gastro-intestinal tract.  Sickness occurs when your immune system is compromised due to factors that are mostly controllable.  Things like diet, stress, exercise and sleep all modulate your immune response.  So too does your adjustment schedule.  When you get adjusted regularly, your immune system is fortified and your body is better equipped to overcome and neutralize the foreign invaders that we all encounter every day.


I firmly believe that my regular adjustment schedule is one of the factors that has allowed me to stay well and only miss 1 day of work in my 18 years as a chiropractor!  And that 1 day was back in 1999.  I am exposed to more germs than the average person with the number of people that I care for, yet still I have been able to stay healthy and avoid illness despite caring for many people who are fighting various bugs.


I also learned this lesson back in 1998 when I was a chiropractic intern at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto.  At this outpatient clinic we cared for many of the HIV positive people that were living in our community.  The reason many of these people were under care was to bolster their challenged immune systems, not because they had back pain.


 A lot of people see chiropractors only when they are suffering.  I am grateful that many of you understand the importance of regular wellness care to optimize the function of your nerve systems as it relates to your immune system.  I often tell people that chiropactic care amounts to health insurance.  You don't just do it to get rid of a problem once it's there, you do it so that potential problems don't occur.  That is what is called preventive health care.


Stay on track with your adjustment schedule and stay well!


Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim


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