Article of the Week - April 9 - April 13 2018 - Advice from Centenarians

Advice from Centenarians                             Article of the week April 9 to 13, 2018

This past weekend I was reading an article on the topic of longevity.  In the article the author stated that the number of centenarians (people who live to be 100 years old) has been doubling every decade since the 1950s.  The other interesting statistic that caught my attention is that one quarter of children born today are expected to live to 100 and beyond.  Essentially, the younger you are right now, the better your chances are of seeing your 100th birthday.

Did you know that there are companies today who cryogenically freeze and store people at the point of death so that they can be revived at some future date when the technology to help them prolong their life has been developed?  This doesn't just happen in the movies, and more and more people are spending large amounts of money to extend their lives.  The lengths that some people will go to, to prolong their lives is drastic.

     The question is, if you could live to be 100 would you want to?  I've had conversations over the years with seniors whose quality of life is so poor that they definitely don't want to be around to see 100.  Many aging seniors struggle with their mobility, with their ability to look after themselves, they live in chronic pain and some are dealing with cognitive issues like dementia and Alzheimer's.  But what if you had full function of your body?  What if you were still able to do the things that would allow you to live a fulfilling life, even at 100, would you want to become a centenarian?

There is no question that to live a long, healthy life requires stewardship.  Stewardship means that you need to be taking care of yourself as the years go by.  Most people don't do enough to maintain their health and then scramble when they have a health crisis to try to regain the health that they have lost.  In many of these cases that I have seen, people regret the choices that they have made over the years and they wish they could turn the clock back to have a chance to make different choices.

For your reference, here is a list of the top things that centenarians believe is their key to longevity.  I would add looking after your nerve system by regularly getting checked for subluxation to this list.  Weave as many of these habits into your life and you will give your best chances at living longer and having the best quality of life in your golden years:


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