Article of the Week - July 9 - July 12 - Wisdom from Gray's Anatomy

Wisdom from Gray's Anatomy                                                Article of the week July 9 to 12, 2018

After reading this sentence, I want you to flip this page over and look at the various health conditions that are related to subluxations in different regions of the spine.  Gray's Anatomy, the authoritative textbook on human anatomy that both chiropractors and medical doctors use in their studies, says that “every function of the human body is under control of the nervous system.”

I want you to take just a moment to ponder how profound this statement is, and what it means for your health and future.  The system that controls and coordinates all of your bodily functions and structures is the nervous system.  Everything that you want your body to do is dependent on the nervous system and the messages getting from your brain, through your spinal cord, out the spinal nerve roots to every structure in your body.  Everything that you may take for granted from walking to fighting an infection to the beating of your heart to growing new skin cells depends on messages from the brain getting to the desired location through nerves.

Your body can only work as well as your nervous system works, period.  Poor nervous system function doesn't just mean more back pain and neck pain, it means poorer function of the entire body.  So many people attribute poor health and the loss of their ability to do things to old age.  I hear these words every week, “I'm getting old”.  We all get old, the key is to grow old with vitality and not to get old with disease.

While there are many conditions listed on the graphic on the other side of this page including high blood pressure, asthma, heartburn, bed wetting and constipation – we as chiropractors do not “treat” any of these conditions.  The only thing corrective care chiropractors treat are misalignments of the spine known as subluxations.  When subluxations are corrected and the spine is optimized over time, these conditions and many others tend to improve or resolve altogether.

This is because your body was designed to be able to work and heal properly when the nervous system is free of interference.  In the medical health care model, the focus is on finding a drug to treat each specific symptom.  This model is symptom-focused.  A different drug is required for each health ailment; one drug for high blood pressure, one to help you sleep, another for depression and another for pain.  The chiropractic model looks at the entire body and understands that healing and addressing the cause of illness and disease does not require adding anything to the body, but requires removing blockages to your body's internal tendency to heal.

The way your body was created was to be able to function, heal and regenerate for all of the years that you are here.  Optimal spinal health is synonymous with optimal nervous system function which is the recipe for a lifetime of good health.

I'm so grateful to be able to play a part in your healthy future!

Dr. Tim

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