Article Of The Week - July 22 - July 26 2018 - One Bad Apple

One Bad Apple                  Article of the week July 22 to 26, 2018

            I'm sure you've heard the saying, “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.  This phrase comes from a well-known fact that an over-ripe piece of fruit like an apple or banana produces a gas called ethylene that causes the fruit in close proximity to ripen and go bad more quickly as well.

Now I want you to think about what would happen if you were to take a bad apple and set in on a tree branch next to an apple that was still connected to the vine.  As you would probably guess, the apple that is still connected to its source is not influenced by the environmental factor (ethylene gas given off by the neighbouring bad apple).  The connected apple would continue to take nutrients and energy and continue to thrive and be healthy.

Did you know that this same principle applies to your health?  If you take one person that is sick and diseased and place them in an environment of other non-sick people, the individuals that are not sick will be more likely to get sick as well.  Most of us are aware of this and it is the reason why most people avoid the company of sick people.

However, the people around the sick person will only get sick if they are disconnected from their source of life or source of power.  In the same way an apple connected to the tree is not susceptible to breakdown and disease, you are not susceptible to breakdown and disease when you are connected to your source.  So what is your source? 

It is your brain, spinal cord and nervous system, of course!  If your nerve system is free of interference and your brain is able to “talk” to your body, then the parts of your body will be less inclined to get sick and break down.  This is why people who get adjusted regularly have more energy, they handle stress better, they get sick less often and in general their bodies just work better.

This is a simple but powerful analogy that illustrates how important it is to keep your nervous system clear to experience optimal health.

Keep getting adjusted and stop worrying about the bad apples!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim

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