Article of the Week - July 30 - Aug 3 - Look Way Up... for our Chiro Kids Stars!

Look Way Up...for our Chiro Kids Stars!            Article of the week July 30 to Aug 3, 2018

In your new patient report, I introduced the concept that living a life of optimal health depends on your body functioning, recreating and healing optimally. Function means for any part of your body to work efficiently it has to be receiving unobstructed nerve supply from the brain.  Recreation means the health of the new cells that your body is forming is also control by the nervous system.

The third component, healing is what I want to focus on in this week's article of the week.  Healing means that removing pressure from nervous system tissue results in an increased capacity and efficiency for your body to overcome injury and illness. 

There was a research article published last month in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health Chiropractic that documented how the body's healing mechanisms are enhanced through chiropractic.  This research consisted of a case study documenting how a 5 year old girl benefited from chiropractic.  This young girl had been diagnosed as immune-deficient because of her recurrent upper respiratory tract (chest) infections.  She also struggled with recurrent ear infections and constipation which are signs her body was also functioning poorly.  She had both her tonsils and adenoids removed in an effort to reduce the infections with no improvement.

She was assessed by a chiropractor who found she had multiple subluxations (misalignments) throughout her spine including a loss of the normal curve in her neck.  Throughout the course of this little girl's chiropractic care her mother reported a decrease in the frequency of respiratory illness and an increased ability to fight the infections more easily.  She was able to discontinue all medications with only occasional use of an inhaler at night.

Nobody likes to get sick.  When you get sick you often wonder what you could have done differently to prevent the illness.  Case studies like this one suggest that making chiropractic adjustments part of your ongoing lifestyle enhances your immune system and reduces the likelihood of illness.  If you do get sick, you are going to recover faster when your nervous system is working better.

Read the case study on the reverse side to see for yourself how chiropractic benefits healing and immune system function.

chiro_babies.pngAs many of you have noticed, we have started a “chiropractic stars” feature on the ceiling over the adjusting tables to recognize our awesome chiropractic kids.  We love serving people of all ages.  As this study suggests, kids need chiropractic too!  If you want to get your kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews checked for subluxation make sure you let us know!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim

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Resolution of Immunodeficiency in a Child Undergoing Chiropractic Care for the Management of Vertebral Subluxations: A Case Study & Review of the Literature

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health ChiropracticVolume 2018

Delphine Deignan, DC & Toni DaCampo, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ July 5, 2018 ~ Pages 68-76


Objective: To report on the outcomes experienced by a child diagnosed as immune-deficient undergoing chiropractic care for the management of vertebral subluxations.

Clinical Features: A 5-year-old female child diagnosed as immuno-deficient with recurrent respiratory illnesses presented for chiropractic care with evidence of vertebral subluxation and loss of the normal cervical curve. The patient had a history of a premature birth, birth trauma, torticollis, constipation, frequent ear infections, tympanostomy tubes, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

Intervention & Outcomes: Vertebral subluxations were addressed using the Activator Method and manual Full Spine adjustments. Radiographic analysis of the cervical spine was used to determine the specific characteristics of misalignment in the cervical spine. Through the course of care, the patient’s mother reported a decrease in the frequency of respiratory illnesses and related symptoms with an increased ability to respond to infections more efficiently. The patient was able to stop all medication with only occasional use of an inhaler at night.

Conclusions: The clinical progress documented in this case reveals that chiropractic care may benefit children considered to be immuno-deficient. Further research on the benefits of addressing vertebral subluxation in those with a weakened immune system is warranted.

Key Words: Chiropractic, Immuno-deficient, respiratory illness, subluxation, adjustment, pediatric, birth trauma, cervical spine, spinal manipulation, premature birth, birth trauma, torticollis, constipation, ear infections, tympanostomy tubes, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy


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