Keep Working on Your Curve Article of the week March 2 to 6, 2020

Over the years I've had the opportunity to look at tens of thousands of spinal x-rays.  I've seen many healthy spines on x-ray, but unfortunately I've seen many more unhealthy ones.

The sad reality is that many people make no effort to look after their spinal health as they go through life.  You could well imagine what your teeth would look like if you never brushed them or went to the dentist – they would decay prematurely and you would likely have to replace them.  The same rules apply to your spine – if you consistently work on maintaining good alignment and movement in your spine it will minimize degenerative changes and optimize the function of your nerve system allowing your body to express good health.

Remember, the normal shape in the cervical spine (neck) is a smooth c-shaped, 40 degree curve when viewed from the side.  As this visual indicates, the curve is critical to prevent breakdown and degenerative changes.  If you've been prescribed postural corrective exercises to restore this curve, such as a denneroll neck orthotic, make sure you stay consistent with doing these daily.

And pay attention to the things that you are doing that compromise your neck curve.  Things like sleeping on an improper pillow or lazy boy chair, spending too much time on the computer, having a bad set up at your work station or spending too much time on a smart phone.  All of these things will slowly change your posture over time and put you at risk for pre-mature spinal degeneration and poor health.  The posture you see in this picture is typical of so many kids and young adults who have grown up in an age of technology.  Please share this with those you care about if you've noticed their posture deteriorating.

And set a good example by staying consistent with your spinal corrective exercises!

Have an awesome week,

Dr. Tim

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